Cimema in Harleston


The Film Group shows a film on the fourth Thursday of each month, apart from August and December. This is screened in the Masonic Lodge, in The Thoroughfare, Harleston. There is a matinee at 2pm and an evening screening at 7.30pm, doors open 30 minutes before.

Seats are £4. payable on entry, but please book in advance at Harleston Information Plus, 01379 851917.

Cinema Vote

Thank you to everyone who voted for next season's films. The favourite choice was "Darkest Hour", followed by "Three Billboards Outside Ebbbing, Missouri. There was a close vote for the next film, but taking into account the various release dates, the third film to be shown will be "The Greatest Showman". The dates will be:

24th May - The Greatest Showman

28th June - Darkest Hour

26th July - Three Billboards outside Ebbing, MIssouri

Full details of these films can be found in the What's On section.

Equipment upgrades

Harleston Cinema now has five speakers positioned around the room, which gives a whole new dimension to the sound. Other equipment has been upgraded to give pictures which are more dynamic and are pin sharp.  


Creative Arts East

Creative Arts East Village Screen facilitates the screening of films by volunteer groups in their local community. They collaborate with Dorset Moviola to provide promoting groups with a menu of films to choose from and publicise the films on the Village Screen website. They can also supply cinema equipment although our film group use our own equipment.

We would like to offer our appreciation for the support we have received from them in setting up and running our film group.



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