Harleston Walks

Walking Tours of Harleston

Self Guided Walk

There is a self guided walking tour around the town which which can be downloaded or listened to through a smart phone or tablet. Walk at your own pace, stop for a refreshement at your leisure, or break the walk and pick it up again at any time. You are in control.

Public Walks

Maybe you prefer the personal touch, and to hear your tour from a guide. There are a series of guided walking tours around the town throughout the summer, normally on the second and fourth Saturday of the month. There will usually be one general walk 'Harleston Highlights' covering the history of the town through its buildings and local stories, and one special walk with emphasis on a particular subject.


Mon 22 April: Worthies of Harleston
Harleston may be a small town but it has been home to many well-known people. Famous religious leaders and military heroes, business entrepreneurs and pilgrim pioneers, have all called Harleston their home. This walk will explore the impact they have had, locally, nationally and, in some cases, internationally. These walks are being held in conjunction with this year’s exhibition about the Worthies of Harleston in the local Museum where the walks will include a special opening just for us .


Sat 11 May: Worthies of Harleston

26 May: Artists in Harleston 
The Harleston area is home to many visual artists, from potters, to sculptors, to painters. Harleston is a hotbed of artists.  This walk will start with a visual introduction to artists who have their studios out of town, and which can be visited later.  We will then visit some of the artists who are based in the town, where they will discuss their art in person.  A unique opportunity to hear from the passionate artists directly on what inspires them and how they transfer their ideas into a work of art.  This year we hope to visit a well-known local artist whose studio is not open to the general public.


Sat 8 June: Worthies of Harleston 

Sat 22 June: Ye Olde Pub Walk
Half Moons, Dragons, Magpies and Eagles are in the mix for this colourful part of Harleston's past. What is more, they were controlled by wheelwrights, harness makers and maltsters.  Whatever else the people of Harleston may have lacked, it was not the opportunity to quench their thirst!  Pubs, beer houses and breweries abounded. Most of the old buildings are still here – if you know where to look.  This walk will give a fascinating insight into a small part of Harleston history.


Sat 13 July: Worthies of Harleston 

Sat 27 July: Spare the Rod, Educating Harleston 
Join in a fresh view of Harleston, this time looking at its many different schools over the past 575 years, since its first recorded one opened.  Many of the town's well known buildings have actually been used for educational purposes, which will surprise many. 


Sat 10 August: Worthies of Harleston 

Sun 25 August: Secret Stories
Supplementing the Harleston and Waveney Festival this special walk will take place on Sunday. Come and hear true stories about Harleston that do not appear in any book about the town.  All have been specifically researched in detail, and should surprise those who come along.  The tales cover the last 500 years and need telling!. This walk is free with a bucket collection for the Harleston and Waveney Festival.


Sun 15 August: Ye Olde Pubs of Harleston 

Sat 28 August: Worthies of Harleston


Sat 5 October: Food and Drink Walk
Running alongside the annual food and drink festival this walk will add a few stops at shops to sample local produce, from chocolate, meats, cheese, beer and cider, our artisan town has it all. Cost: £8.00 to include samples of food and drink. Walks will run throughout the day and be limited to 10 people for each Food and Drink walk to permit entry to participating outlets. This walk must be booked in advance. To book, or for more information, please send an email to info@harlestonsfuture.org.uk

Unless otherwise noted, all walks are priced at £4.00 per adult, children under 15 accompanied by an adult go free. No need to book, just turn up in the courtyard to The Swan Hotel at 14:00. The special walks are dependant upon the availability of the subject expert and may need to be substituted due to unforeseen circumstances. The walks cover a wide area, but are mainly on the flat and are accessible for wheelchairs. 

All walks include a voucher for a discount at a participating local restaurant or coffee shop.

Private Walks

Maybe you prefer to have a personal guided tour with the flexibility to choose your own time.

We can arrange a private guided walking tour for the standard prices, subject to a minimum charge of £20. Payment must be made in advance.



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