Active Community

As a thriving local centre, Harleston has around a hundred shops to meet the needs of its 4,600 population as well as the surrounding villages.  It has a vibrant and active community which has given rise to ‘Harleston’s Future’, a body which organises many events within the town.  Harleston’s Future is a community group run by volunteers which organises events and activities in Harleston for the benefit of the local community, and which also runs this website . If you would like to volunteer to take part in these activities, please contact us at

There are also numerous local organisations with regular activities for all age groups, a small town with a big heart! Harleston Information Plus is a local volunteer organisation and registered charity which provides services and information for the local community.


Harleston Vouchers

Harleston’s Future has released a new scheme to 'Keep Harleston money in Harleston'.  ​Harleston’s Future now offers Harleston Vouchers as prizes for competitions. These are worth £1 each and will be accepted in participating shops around town.

Flags and Bunting.jpg

Flag Force

Harleston runs an annual programme of flag displays in the town centre. Making use of the holders for the Christmas trees above shops along the main streets, these provide a continual use for an otherwise once a year display. The programme has been so successful it has encouraged other towns to follow the lead. Come and see the original and largest annual display of flags.


Swift Action

Harleston has established a local group called Swift Action as part of the national Swift conservation project. These amazing birds have shared our buildings ever since the Romans came to Britain. They still breed in our eaves and gables, but not for much longer, as modern and renovated buildings exclude them – we have lost half of our Swifts in just the past 20 years. Harleston encourages the community to provide a safe haven for these wonderful migratory birds during their visit to these shores.


Harleston Films

Harleston shows a film on the fourth Thursday of each month.  There is a matinee at 14.00 and an evening screening at 19.30.  Films are currently held at the Masonic Rooms in Harleston on Redenhall Road.


Heritage  Walks

The Heritage Team run a series of guided walks around town on the second and fourth Saturday of each month from April to September. They start at 14:00 in the courtyard to the Swan Hotel.