Easter Egg Hunt 2021

Welcome to the Easter Egg Hunt 2021.

Hopefully this light hearted quiz will lighten up your day for a while.

You will need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil as you will need to make some notes.

There are 10 questions. When you get a question correct you will see the next question. You must answer all questions to have a chance of winning a prize.

When you get a correct answer you will receive one or more GOLDEN EGGS. You must count the number of these eggs as this will be the overall answer to the quiz.

Correct entries will go into a prize draw on 6 April when the competition closes at 2:00pm. The winner will receive £20 in Harleston Vouchers which can be spent in participating shops around town. Only people living within three miles of Harleston will be able to win the prizes as our wonderful volunteers have to deliver to your home. But if would be fun to find out if people from further away have taken part.




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