A Pheasant Visitor

Scribbly said ‘My bachelor pheasant has become my favourite part of Harley for me. My original design didn’t have a turnstile or a pheasant at all, but Harles, bless him, ended up being a lot fatter around his middle than I’d anticipated, meaning my design only stretched around three sides of him. The fourth side- his front- became a bit of a blank panic for me as I had no idea what to paint there! I went through several different ideas and hated all of them, and just as I was at the point of losing all hope, I looked over my shoulder out of the kitchen window and spied a magnificent visitor helping himself to breadcrumbs under the bird table. (Its worth mentioning, at this point Harley was sat on the kitchen table, nose to nose with the ceiling while I painted his lower half- lucky as the week we moved him inside it started snowing profusely and would’ve been far too cold to work in my studio).’