Latitude Sheep

Scribbly said ‘Though not in the Waveney Valley, I had to put these brightly coloured woolly wonders into the painting! If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you’re missing out. Latitude is the nearest music festival to us, based at Henham Park not far from Southwold. I knew it in its infancy and it was the perfect festival for a teenaged music festival first-timer. I’ve been to Latitude a handful of times since my first visit, and have even worked there as a sign painter, watching the whole area go from plain pasture land to buzzing arenas in a matter of days. Ever sat at one of those green picnic benches with daisies painted on them? Yeah, my friends and I painted seventy of those benches. Not to mention the long drops! Moving on…For me, Latitude encompasses the slightly surreal, fantastical creative wonderment I’m forever trying to capture in my paintings. The multicoloured sheep are only a small part of that, but they’ve come to represent the festival as a whole. Wouldn’t it be great if we really had multicoloured candyfloss-like sheep grazing in the fields by Renenhall Church’.