Lentil Sausages


  • 4oz of split lentils

  • finely chopped leek or onion

  • lots of seasoning- salt and pepper

  • fresh sage finely chopped

  • stock/water Method

  1. Cover above ingredients in a saucepan with stock/water

  2. Simmer until lentils become a thick puree (stir frequently)

  3. Mix with a couple of dessertspoons of flour (soya is best) and 8 oz of very smooth but stiff mashed potato

  4. Form into sausage shapes

  5. Brush with reconstituted egg (or a little liquid if vegan) and coat in fine breadcrumbs

  6. Fry or grill or bake in oven (220 C until browned)

We would love people to try them for themselves and send in photos to info@harlestonsfuture.org.uk so that we can post on our website.

All recipes are by The 1940s Experiment