Making Space to Stay Safe

Shop with Confidence in Harleston - Making Space to Stay Safe

You will all know that the Government has asked Councils throughout the Country to try to re-open our town centres so life can start to get back to normal. Social distancing is a crucial part of the plan to do this safely.

Our pavements are narrow so shoppers and especially those with disabilities, wheelchair and mobility scooter users and mums and dads with pushchairs or small children need space to stay safe. Shoppers queuing in the street also need room to keep apart and pass each other. At busy times our streets are full of traffic and there are even less places for people to go to avoid close contact.

To keep us all safe – Coronavirus has certainly not gone away - South Norfolk Council has an imaginative plan so we can make the most of our town. It has been a huge task in a very short length of time and the details are being finalised now. The plans for some other towns are ahead of us because we have very few options in our centre and there has been a lot of work to do.

South Norfolk’s plans involves making the town centre streets Pedestrian Priority, diverting local and through traffic out of the centre, making more places with attractive features, planters and new seating and chances to sit out in the street at our cafes and for traders to display outside their shops. Importantly, car parks, pick-ups and deliveries, access to residences and premises will continue as normal. Signs and dedicated helpers will tell us what to do and why until we get the hang of the changes.

There may well be some teething troubles. But may I ask for your help by being patient and joining in to make The Shop with CONFIDENCE Campaign a success … getting back to normal and bringing our town back to life so we can enjoy it again safely while not risking each other’s health depends on it.

Lock-down has been a tough time. This is our chance to break out of it together, to rekindle friendships and to make the most of our lovely town.

Cllr Frances Bickley Chair Redenhall with Harleston Town Council

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