Mayflower Introduction

There is much academic research into the Mayflower.

What were the reasons for people to give up everything they knew and loved and leave England, their homeland?  What were the living conditions in Holland, and why did they again give up everything and move to another foreign land?  How were they even in a position to raise the money needed for such a long and arduous journey?  What were conditions like on the Mayflower?  What did the pilgrims find when they arrived in America?  How did they survive in their new world?  What became of the Mayflower ship?

There are recognised books which cover different aspects of the history of the Mayflower and its passengers.  Universities from across the country have formed a network to commemorate 2020 anniversary.  Academics and practitioners across various disciplines have begun work on projects which reflect upon, critique and engage with this four centuries old history and heritage.

Would you like to have a very brief summary of these and other key facts about the Mayflower story?  American singer, songwriter and artist, Jeffery Lewis, summarises the history with this wonderful song and comic book illustrations.