Mayflower Lecture: London Guilds and Merchants

The next installment in the Mayflower Lectures is on Thursday 20 February at 7:30 in St John's Church, Harleston. 'Guilds and Merchants', the often over looked role of London in the Mayflower story. The master and his crew came from London, finance was raised in London, and more people boarded the ship in London that anywhere else. Yet we know so little about this chapter.

Come and find out more about the role of London in the Mayflower story. Also there will another chance to win 20 of Harleston Vouchers. This lecture will provide some background to the up coming day trip to London, £25 for a day in London on 21 April, guided by a qualified Blue Badge, and endorsed Mayflower Guide. Look out for more details.