Military Vehicles

Military vehicle production was essential for the war effort. In 1939 only 947 AFVs (armoured fighting vehicles) were produced, this was followed by 7,441 in 1940, increasing steadily to 31,851 in 1943.

In 1939, fewer than half a million people were employed in the production and repair of motor vehicles in the UK. In the peak year, 1943, this number had risen to 1,121,800, about half of whom were part-time female workers.

Many garages throughout the country were engaged in the overhaul of military vehicles, as well as in the assembly of Lend-Lease vehicles which arrived in CKD (completely knocked down) packs from North America.

Here is our VE Day celebration collection of WWII military vehicles.

Some of the vehicles continued production long past the war, Can you spot the Hillman Minx and Humber Woodie?

These photographs have been sent by the Norfolk Military Vehicle Group. They have the premier collection of privately owned military vehicles and also represent the Norfolk Area of the Military Vehicle Trust. Website: Facebook: