News from Harleston Town Council

Streetlights - As you will be aware from previous articles in the Grapevine, the council are replacing the old SOX lights with new LED lanterns, which will give us great savings on electricity as well as being good for the environment. We have put the relevant information and a survey on the Town Council website and Facebook asking for your opinions, please take a few minutes to complete the survey as your feedback and comments are very important to us.

Daylight hours are now increasing so if you notice streetlights that are not working and need attention, could you please report them to the council office (telephone number below) and where possible note the column number or nearby house number to enable us to get the correct streetlight repaired.

Highways and Pavements - Please contact Norfolk County Council Highways Department for any issues regarding the roads and pavements including maintaining the grit bins, please use salt sparingly from the grit bins. A tablespoon of salt will treat an area of 1m². You can contact Norfolk County Council by simply filling in a form online at or by telephoning: 0344 800 8020 (Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

Public Toilets - Since the last Grapevine article appeared there has been two bouts of vandalism during the month of December. On the first occasion sinks were damaged as well as internal doors and on the second occasion external doors were damaged beyond repair, as a consequence they have now been boarded up and will remain closed whilst the Town Council investigate the cost of more secure doors. Such deliberate acts of vandalism will not be tolerated, and the council cannot afford to keep using the resident’s taxes to continually make repairs. If you have information on any of these incident’s, please contact the council office – details below.

Dog Fouling - The by-law currently in place states that dogs should be kept under full control whilst on the recreation ground, this is continually being flouted and continued disregard to this by-law by some owners may lead to dogs being banned from the ground totally.

Residents on Mendham Lane and Harvest Way are experiencing problems with dog fouling on the pavements, gardens and open spaces which is very unpleasant for all. Please make the effort to pick up behind your dog and help us keep our lovely town a clean and pleasant place to live.

Town Councillors - We currently have 2 vacancies on the council, if you have lived or worked in the parish for a period of 12 months or more and are interested in becoming a councillor, please contact the office for further information

Next Town Council Meeting - Town Council meetings take place every 3rd Wednesday of the month, the next meeting will take place on Wednesday 19th February 2020 at 7.00pm in the social room at the Leisure Centre.

Lynda Ling – Town Clerk

Contact Us - To telephone the town council 01379 854519 or email us on