Out of this World

On the day that these cranes’ paper wingtips were launched on their astonishing 36km flight to the edge of space by the Earth to Sky project at Bishop, California, Harleston’s prayers for peace became undoubtedly the highest in the world that day.

The photograph shows the 1,000 wingtips in their clear sphere, set inside the United Nations wreath symbol and under the black canopy of space. The second sphere contains little cut-out swifts to flutter when the research balloon popped. The payload is topped by a small origami crane.

When the research balloon ‘popped’ 36km (22 miles) 118,000 feet above central California, Harleston’s little cut-out swifts took to the air in weightless freefall inside their clear plastic sphere below our 1,000 origami-crane wingtips and peace message – undoubtedly the highest in the world that day.