Primary School Mayflower Art Competition

The local Primary School held a Mayflower painting competition. There were many wonderful colourful and imaginative entries. The winning paintings were selected at Assembly on Friday 14 February with one chosen for each year group. The pupils were given an outline sketches of a building in the centre of town, they then had to create their image of the building either in the time of our Fuller family in 1600 or of Harleston in the future.

One painting uses a collage of cut outs to add characters to the house together with a thatched roof. Look at the people gathering outside the house and the cow and chicken in the back yard.

Another painting stained and tore the paper to make the painting look as though it was very old.

And another painting imagined our town in the future, as we look more to the sky with the sattelite dish.

The winning paintings are currently on display in the windows of Monty's Shop on Redenhall Road. A large selection will soon be displayed at the Swan Hotel. The next Mayflower project for the Primary School will be a Mayflower poetry competition.