UN International Day of Peace

The Town Crier Bell has been dedicated as Harleston’s Peace Bell.

Revd Nigel Tuffnell said: ‘….. whenever it rings and and our town crier delivers the news, now and into the future, each ring will echo across the generations and down the years, the spirit of our Harleston’s message of hope for peace today.

Town Crier, Noman Steer said: ‘I dedicate this bell as Harleston’s Peace Bell. I ring it seven times to represent the seven continents of the world and so that it’s peace message is loud and clear.’ ‘People of the world .. take note …[Ring] … I bear a message from the good people of Harleston …[Ring] … They wish you well, with every ring of this bell …[Ring] … let there be peace at home …[Ring] … let there be peace abroad ….. let there be peace everywhere …[Ring] … that is our wish . [Ring] [Ring]’